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Weekly Activity Schedule

With everything completely out of our control and our lives turned upside down, it is important for our kids to continue to have things to look forward to, have some semblance of a routine, and the opportunity to make choices. Plan some fun and add a little routine into your week with this printable weekly activity schedule.

weekly schedule themes

This weekly schedule was not created to add more to your already overflowing plate. As our roles have changed to an all-in-one package as parent/teacher/employee, finding time for fun can be hard and sticking to a routine is even harder.

These daily themes are there to help guide families in brainstorming ideas and planning activities to do throughout the week. The best part is that you can plan activities to fit your schedule and the level of parent involvement that you can handle. For example, on Make It Monday you can plan a cooking activity on a day your schedule is a little more flexible and on a day that you’re swamped, you can choose an art activity that can be done independently.

Get the kids involved in picking the activities. The more buy-in the more likely they will be to participate!

Weekly Activity Schedule Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your weekly activity schedule.

Each week I will be posting ideas on social media as well, so make sure to follow me!

Make it Monday

let’s get creative

Make it Monday – Let’s get creative

Kids in the Kitchen – pick a kid-friendly recipe and let your kids take over the kitchen. Check out my Pinterest page for cooking ideas for kids

Art – Recreate famous works of art, sculpt with clay or take up weaving with this circle loom weaving activity.

Music – introduce different musical genres, buy a recorder and have your kids learn the basics, or go to Classics for Kids for virtual music activities.

STEM Project – add a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) project to your weekly activity schedule. Build a Catapult or design a bridge as an easy engineering activity.

Take it Outside Tuesday

make nature your classroom

Take it Outside Tuesday – Make nature your classroom

Go for a hike – pack a lunch and head outside for a day of hiking and exploring. Make hiking a blast with kids with these tips.

Build a fort – building a fort is a great engineering activity for kids. Have them draw a design, make a list of materials and then get busy building!

Read outside – the best part about reading is you can do it anywhere. Throwdown a blanket and grab a basket of books for a day of reading in the sunshine.

Pack a picnic – make the kids in charge of planning and packing the lunch for the day. My kids love creating the menu and making a list of everything we will need for our picnic.

Nature Color Hunt – find something in nature for each color of the rainbow.

Nature Walk Observation Journal – make a nature journal to record your observations.

Weird Science Wednesday

Explore – Explode – Examine

Weird Science Wednesday – explore – explode – examine

Science Experiments – kids learning about science through hands-on activities. Many experiments take a bit of prep, but you can also encourage independent experiments with kitchen materials, water and ice, dirt and sand. Let kids mix things, use magnifying glasses, and discover what happens.

Animal Research – read or watch videos and record what you learn in your Animal Research Book

Mystery Science Lessons – Mystery Science is offering free lessons that include learning videos and accompanying activities.

Soil nutrients experiment – learn how soil nutrients are beneficial to plants with these fun experients.

Throwback Thursday

way back in history

Throwback Thursday – Way back in history

History Podcast for KidsThe Past and The Curious has a huge library of interesting podcasts for kids to listen to. They range from bizarre to inspiring and all of them will certainly be entertaining.

History for Kids – this is a wonderful resource for independent learning for older students. Let them choose a history topic to read about and then do a project to go with the topic.

Field Trip to the Smithsonian Museum – visit the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC without leaving your house.

Discover Kids – This is an amazing e-learning resource full of interesting facts in an easy to read format for kids. Discover Kids is offering Free Access until June 2020.

Freebie Friday

Friday funday

Freebie Friday – Friday funday

Virtual Field Trip – there are many different tours available online that go behind the scenes of different factories and businesses. Take a tour of Balloon Factory to learn how they are made.

Yoga – do an online yoga class to center your mind and body with Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Legos – Legos can offer hours of open-ended fun for kids and many leaning opportunities. Check out Learn with Legos for different educational activities that you can do with Legos.

See a Broadway Show – Broadway has gone dark but you can still see some of the best broadway performances online.

Attend a Concert – NPR is providing links to concerts that you can stream live during the quarantine.

Super Saturday and Sunny Sunday

Super Saturday and Sunny Sunday are completely open to plan whatever works for you. Check out my ideas for family fun on the weekend!

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