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Weekend Family Fun During COVID-19

Weekend Family Fun

As our days begin to blur throughout this quarantine, we can still make time for weekend family fun.

Here are some ideas for some family fun on the weekend!

  • Build a fort and have a sleepover
  • Pitch a tent and camp inside or out – don’t forget the s’mores
  • Start a collection and learn more about it – Create a display
    • rocks
    • stickers
    • cards
    • natures
    • leaves
  • Read a comic book and then make your own – get my free DIY comic book printable here
  • Learn magic tricks
  • Make a collage or scrapbook
  • Wash the car and let the kids play in the soapy water and wash their bikes.
  • Do yard work together or plant a garden
  • Help a neighbor (clean-up their yard, plant flowers)
  • Teach your kid how to take photographs
  • Dress-up and have a fashion show
  • Exercise Together – check out my post – Get Fit as a Family for different ways to get your family moving.

Family Game Night Ideas

  • Minute to Win it – These fast-paced challenges will be sure to have your family laughing and asking for more. Teach Mama has a great list of family-friendly Minute to Win it game ideas.
  • Would You Rather – make a list of silly questions to ask your kids. Would you rather swim in a pool full of pudding or a pool full of slime? If you need more ideas, grab the Would Your Rather Book for Kids from Amazon for hours of family fun.
  • Pictionary – grab a white board or easel paper and play a game of Family Pictionary.
  • Card Games – card games are always a hit with kids. It’s Always Autumn has a great list of easy to learn card games for kids. Once you’re done playing cards, make a house of cards together!
  • Dice Games – Yahtzee and Farkle are two of the best family dice games to play with the kids. If you’re looking for more dice games to play as a family, check out this dice game list from Everyday Chaos and Calm.
  • Domino Games – Did you know there are over 100 different ways to play dominoes? Lady and the Carpenter has 10 different domino games for you to try at your next family game night.

After your game of dominoes, try building a domino run. Watch this video for a little inspiration!

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