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The Three Little Pigs Read Aloud & Activities

For this at-home learning lesson, we have The Three Little Pigs read aloud with two great books! I have included many fun activities, printables and even an extension activity for eager learners!

Listen to The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall and The Three Little Javelinas by Susan Lowell. After listening to both stories complete the following activities.

The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall

The Three Javelinas by Susan Lowell

Activities and Printables

Three Little Pigs ELA Activities

  • 1st – 3rd Grade Activities
    • Venn diagram – students will use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast both stories. How are they the same and how are they different.
    • Story Map – students will identify the characters, setting, and what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story.
  • Kindergarten Activities
    • Sequencing – students will sequence the events in the story.
    • Rhyming – write words that rhyme with pig

Three Little Pigs Science Activities

Wind Science Experiment (Early Elementary) – huff and puff and predict and investigate what items will be blown by the wind.

Building Materials Comparison Activity (Upper Elementary) – create different building materials and investigate which ones are most resistant to weather.

Stem Building Challenge (All Ages) – create different homes for the pigs using various building materials.

What is a Javelina?

Three Little Pigs Math Activities

Three Little Pigs Math (Early Elementary)

Stick Math – grab a pile of small sticks, toothpicks or pretzel sticks and have your child do some hands-on math activities.

Use the Roll it – Write it – Count it – Add it printable to expand on the math concepts.

  • Roll the dice, write the number, count your sticks.
    • To make it more challenging have your child roll two dies and add the numbers and write the equation.

Three Little Pigs Math (Upper Elementary)

Roll it – Write it – Expand it – Add it

  • Roll the dice 3 times, write each number in the square, write the number in expanded form (hundreds, tens, ones), draw the hundreds, tens and ones, then add the numbers together.

Three Little Pigs Story Problems (Upper Elementary)

  1. Pig #1 built his house in 4 days. Each day he worked for 6 hours. How many hours did it take the pig to build his house? If all three pigs worked the same amount of hours, how many hours would it take all 3 pigs to build their houses?
  2. Pig # 1 bought 3 loads of hay. Each load cost $1.26. How much did he spend in all?
  3. Pig # 2 spent $16 on sticks. He gave the stick seller $20. How much money did pig # 2 get back?
  4. Pig #3 wanted to build a house of bricks. Each side of his 4-sided house needs 274 bricks. How many bricks will he need?

Three Little Pigs Art Activities

Pretend you are the Big Bad Wolf while you create art with this Straw Painting Activity.

Three Little Pigs Read Aloud Extension Activity

  • Listen to The True Story of the 3 Little Pig. Choose your favorite fairy tale character and write a new version of the story from that character’s point of view.
  • Make a Most Wanted poster for Alexander T. Wolf

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