Reusable Shopping Bag

Green Gift Idea – Reusable Shopping Bag Craft for Kids

Give the gift of being green with this fun reusable shopping bag craft project. Reusable shopping bags make a great gift for kids to make for family and friends.

I think it’s important to give gifts that people can use but also was also made with love. Ditch those boring premade craft projects that are briefly admired and make something that can be used and appreciated for years. These canvas tote bags are a perfect gift for the farmer’s market frequenters, bookworms who love the library, shoppers who want to save the earth, and all of those teachers, grandparents, aunt, uncles and special people in your child’s life.

I have two different ways to make your canvas bags. The first way is perfect if your kids love to color and want to make a lot of different bags. The second option is great if you are making several bags as gifts or if you are doing this project with younger kids.

Reusable Shopping Bag Craft – Option 1

Reusable shopping bag craft for kids



1. Prepare – Place some newspaper inside the tote bag to prevent bleed through.

2. Decorate – Use the fabric markers to decorate the canvas tote bag.

3. Heat Set – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to heat set your bag.

Reusable Shopping Bag Craft – Option 2

Reusable Shopping Bag Craft for Kids


Additional Supplies:


1. Color picture onto transfer paper

2. If you are printing a picture with words, you will need to scan the image and use a computer to flip or mirror your image (click here for directions)

3. After you scan your image, print the image onto the transfer paper.

4. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for ironing on your transfer paper to your fabric bag.

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