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Peace & Mindfulness Activities For Kids

This is a time of uncertainty and new normals. Many adults and kids are feeling worried and anxious about our current situation. It is important to continue to be mindful and in the present moment. Use the following peace and mindfulness activities for kids to help your family find calm during this difficult time.

I Am Peace Questions

  • What is the problem and solution in the story?
  • Tell me about a time you felt worried?
  • Draw a picture of what the character did when she was worried.
  • What can you do when you feel worried?

Share Your Peace Art Project

Option 1: Print this peace sign and have your kids paint or color it. Then cut it out and put it in your window to share your peace with people in your community.

Share Peace

Option 2: Create a peace sign suncatcher.

Peace Sign Suncatcher – Materials: peace sign printable, clear contact paper, tissue paper

Color and cut out the peace sign and cut the inside of the peace sign. Place the front on the peace facing down on contact paper and fill inside of peace sign with torn up pieces of tissue paper. Place the second piece of contact paper on the top of the peace sign. Trim off the excess contact paper. 

Peace and Mindfulness Activities for Kids

  • Write messages of love and peace on your sidewalk for people to read as they walk past your house.
  • Play the Five Senses Game
    • Sit quietly and have your child pay attention to what is happening around them. Ask them to use their senses to describe what they notice.
    • This game teaches children to be present and aware of what is happening around them. After playing this game a few times with your child, you can use it in the future when they are struggling to calm down.

Move Your Body- Ease Your Mind

  • Kid’s Yoga Videos

This episode of Cosmic Kids Yoga focuses on mindfulness, courage and peacefulness.

  • Take a Five Senses Walk
Five Senses Walk

As you walk, have your child use their senses to observe the world around them. Have them record what they notice on the Five Senses Walk observation form. Print this observation form for younger kids here and have them draw a picture of what they observe.

Mindful Eating Snack

Plan a mindful eating snack. The purpose of this activity is to help kids be in the present moment as they use their senses to notice the sensations they have while they are eating.

  • Oranges or other fruits work well for this activity.
  • Before they eat, have them use their senses to describe how the fruit looks, feels and smells.
  • After they take the first bite, have them describe the sensation of the fruit in their mouth and the sound of the food as they eat. Is it juicy, crunchy, sweet, our?

Books About Mindfulness

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