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Kids Cooking Challenge – Inspiring Independence and Creativity in the Kitchen

When kids spend time in the kitchen, they learn skills that will last them a lifetime. Kids of all ages can help in the kitchen. Not only do they find it fun, but it is also a wonderful way to get them to try new foods and take pride in helping out. The Kids Cooking Challenge is a fun way to get the kids involved in cooking and the perfect way to help develop their culinary skills.

The Kids Cooking Challenge will inspire culinary creativity, allow kids to take on new responsibilities, teach them about planning and following directions, and also help them learn about kitchen safety. Not only are you teaching your child so many important skills, but you are also bonding and creating memories!

Let the Kids Cooking Challenge Begin

I like to think of this challenge as a way to get kids excited about cooking and place for parents to go for fun ideas. The kids cooking challenge is not meant to be done every day; however, if you are super motivated and have the time, go for it! Having a helper when you’re rushing to make dinner can be more frustrating than helpful, so choose a time that works with your schedule. That way you can enjoy the time you are spending together.

All ages and ability levels welcome, but some little ones will need a lot more help from an adult. Always supervise your young cooks in the kitchen and make adjustments if necessary!

As your kids move on to the teen years, they can be more independent in the kitchen. It’s important to teach them how to safely use all of the kitchen equipment before they make the leap from the kitchen helper to cook.

Kids Cooking Challenge Recipe Ideas

Scroll down to print your free copy of the Kids Cooking Challenge to hang on your refrigerator! Then get the kids involved in choosing the activities and recipes to try. You can even write it on the calendar so they have something to look forward to later in the week.



Let kids explore making vegetable and fruit chips in the oven. Get creative with different flavors. Our favorite is sprinkling a little taco seasoning on kale chips!

Although the adult will have to do the cutting, kid can help with adding oil and spices and spreading the chips onto the baking sheet.


Sometimes getting kids to eat their vegetables seems impossible. Pairing veggies with a healthy dip might be the answer. Try one of these great dip recipes to go with your homemade chips!

  • Hummus – kids can help with opening cans, squeezing lemons, and pouring ingredients. You can also try a few different kinds of hummus and decide which one you like the most. Have you ever had dessert hummus with graham crackers?
  • Guacamole
  • Healthy Ranch Dip


Kids will be amazed to learn that sauces can be made at home instead of coming out of a jar.

  • Tomato sauce – kids can press garlic, open cans, and cut herbs with scissors
  • Cauliflower – a delicious and healthy alternative to alfredo sauce
  • Pesto – making pesto offers a lot of opportunities for pint-sized assistance – kids can tear-off basil leaves, sprinkle in parmesan, zest and squeeze lemons – such a delicious learning activity
  • Applesauce – making homemade applesauce with kids is fun and it makes the house smell amazing. Kids can use an apple cutter to cut apples and then you just throw the apples and spices into a crockpot to cook down.

With a food mill, you don’t even need to peel tomatoes or apples for sauce! And they are fun for little ones to turn!

Using this OXO Good Grips food mill makes sauce making easy and fun!

Dinner Recipes

Kids can help with almost any dinner. Whether it’s setting the table, grabbing ingredients for you, or washing the vegetables you can find a number of ways for kids to help.

  • Pizza –
  • Eggplant parmesan kids can help with breading the slices of eggplant and sprinkling the cheese on top
  • Walnut Meatballs – kids will love forming these meat-free meatballs

Breakfast Recipes

  • Create your own toast
    • choose a spread – nut butter, cream cheese, Nutella, jelly
    • add your toppings – nuts, fruit, chocolate chips, granola
    • older kids will have fun creating these fun animal face toasts
  • Pancakes – pancakes are easy to follow for master mixers that are learning to read recipes
  • French toast – kids can help dip and flip
  • Mini Egg and Cheese Frittatas

Snack Ideas

kids cooking calendar

Click here to download your free copy of the Kids Cooking Challenge

Tools for Little Chefs

To get your kids excited about the Kids Cooking Challenge, add a few special kid-friendly tools to your kitchen.

What’s your favorite thing to make with your kids?

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