Quarantine Birthday Ideas

How to Throw a Birthday Party While Social Distancing

As a result of social distancing measures we are all taking to stay safe during the pandemic, our kids are missing out on celebrating their birthdays with family and friends. Kids have endured a lot already, for this reason, it’s important to make the celebration as fun as possible. Although a traditional party is not possible right now, you can still throw a fun birthday party while social distancing.

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Start With Creating a Group Video Chat

First choose a video conferencing app to host your party. Some popular options are:

Send an Invitation

Then, send an invitation for people to join in the fun. Make sure to send the details about the app that will be used, any activities you have planned and the time you will be starting the video chat. Evite has free online invitations. They even have a virtual party invitation that includes a place to put the link to your video chat.

Birthday Party in a Bag

Social Distancing Birthday

Birthday Activities to Do While Social Distancing

Together with a little help from the party-goers parents and little extra planning, you can still include a fun activity and even some goodie bags for your child’s virtual party. Not only will kids love seeing their friends on their birthday, but they will also appreciate the normalcy of doing an activity together.

First, pick a theme and plan a simple, fun activity for the kids to do together while they video chat.

After you choose your theme and activities, plan what supplies you will need. You can order your supplies online and have them shipped to each party goer. Plan ahead to make sure the items will be delivered on time. Many stores like Michaels are offering online ordering with convenient same-day curbside pick-up.

Another option is to make up a Birthday Party in a Bag that includes party favors, packaged treats and supplies. Then you can drop them off on everyone’s doorstep a few days before the party.

Make sure to include everything the kids will need to participate in the activities. It’s also a good idea to add instructions in the invitation or send an email to the parents prior to the party so they can help set up the activity party begins.

After all of the kids are logged into the virtual chat, the fun can begin. Let them catch up for a little while and then start the activity. Keep it easy and casual. Most importantly, remember to let the kids have fun and create memories together. Once everyone is finished with the project, have them share what they made and then everyone can sing Happy Birthday!

Virtual Party Theme Ideas

art party

Art Party

Choose one of These Step by Step Drawing Activities

Social Distancing Birthday

Oil Pastel Fox Drawing

Owl Art Project

owl art
owl craft
monster drawing

Funny Monster Drawing

Additional Art Party Ideas

Create with Clay

Give each kids a box of modeling clay and let the creativity begin!

Pirate Party

pirate birthday

Unicorn Party

Add a little sparkle to the birthday celebration with a unicorn themed party.

Make Your Own Unicorn Key Chain

Blindfolded Unicorn Drawing Game

Each person at the party has to put on a blindfold and draw a picture of a unicorn. Then, share your picture with your friends.

Unicorn Bingo Game

Unicorn Party Favors

LEGO Party

For all of the LEGO lovers celebrating their birthday, make the most of your day with a virtual LEGO party.

Send or drop off mini lego sets to everyone invited to the party. Have the kids build together as they video chat. Another option would be to let them make their own LEGO creation while they video chat and show each other what they made.

Here are some easy LEGO sets that make are perfect for a LEGO Party:

Birthday Treat Ideas

In addition to sending friends fun activities to do in your Birthday Party in a Bag, you can also send a birthday treat! Don’t forget to have everyone sing Happy Birthday!

More Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Kids Birthday While Social Distancing

virtual birthday

Drive-by birthday wishes

Enlist your family and friends to drive by your house for a birthday parade. Make sure they honk, wave, play music and show their love as they cruise past your kids on his special day.

Video Messages and Emails

Family and friends may be miles or only a few houses apart, but they can still send their love through video messages, emails and text messages.

Chalk Drawing Birthday Wishes

Leave a box of chalk in your driveway for people to stop by and leave a special message.

Make a Special Book

In the weeks leading up to your child’s birthday, have friends and family send a note with a list of things they love about your child. When my daughter turns eight, I will have everyone send 8 Things I Love About Harper, and then I will put it into a book for her to read.

Regardless of how you celebrate your child’s birthday, make sure to make it a special day. Maybe for a day, they can forget about everything that is going on and have a moment to feel like things are normal again. They will look back on this time and remember how special you made them feel and the outpouring of love from family and friends.

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