Family Exercise

Get Fit as a Family

The gyms are closed and we are with the kids 24/7, so let’s burn some calories while the kids burn off some of that energy! These activities are so fun, the kids won’t even know that your plan is to get fit as a family.

Here are some sneaky ways to get a workout in and spend time together as a family

Family Fitness
  • Obstacle Course – create an obstacle course inside or outside.
  • Biking
  • Hot Lava – pretend the floor is lava and get around without your feet touching the floor
  • Tag – try one of these different tag variations for a fun
  • Dance Party
  • Jumprope Contest

Workout Videos to help you Get Fit as a Family


Let the gym class begin! Recreate your child’s gym class at home with one of these upbeat cardio videos.


Sometimes our body and minds need a more mindful workout routine.


Need a few extra moves for your next family dance party? Check out these easy dance routines that your kids will be sure to love.

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