Non-toy Gift Ideas

Experience Gift Guide for a Clutter-Free Home

It seems like kids get gifts for many occasions – which means more stuff. If you have a toy box bursting at the seams, then this year you can make memories instead of more clutter. This experience gift guide offers great ideas for parents, friends and family members to gift your kids.

Nature Center Activity + Magnifying Glass

Many park programs and nature centers offer indoor and outdoor family-fun nature-filled activities throughout the year. Pick the one that fits best for your family.

hiking with kids experience gift guide

Roller Rink + Neon Bracelets

Summon your inner 80’s spirit, and roller skate your way to a good time. You’ll be sure to light up the dance floor with matching neon bracelets.

Roller Skating Experience Gift Guide

Yoga Class + Water Bottle

Looking for a fun, healthy way to bond with your child? Many studios offer classes for families that you can take together. Recenter your mind and body and then enjoy a healthy smoothie afterwards.

family yoga

Zoo + Stuffed Animal

For the animal lovers out there, wrap up a little stuffed animal, along with a certificate for a trip to the zoo or zoo membership. Make sure to snap a selfie of you, your child, the stuffed animal, and the real animal to capture the memory.

Breakfast + Books

For the little bookworm in your life, spend the morning grabbing a stack of pancakes at your favorite breakfast spot and then head to a bookstore to pick out a new book. Lounge around and read together and then talk about your favorite parts of the story.

book day experience gift guide

Beach/Pool + Sand Toys or Fun Towel

Make a warm summer day extra special with a day of water fun with your little one. Surprise them with a new beach toy or cute towel for them to enjoy as they have fun in the sun.

Baking Day

If your kid loves to help out in the kitchen, then give them a day of baking with you! Wrap a kids’ cookbook and bookmark the special recipe for you to do together or give an apron with some fun baking tools.

Movie or Play

For this experience gift, wrap up a box of candy and print out a picture of one an upcoming movie or play you want to take the child to.

Sledding + Hot Chocolate

Head out to a park for some good’ol fashioned sledding fun! Some parks even have tow ropes to give you a lift up the hill. If snow tubing isn’t your thing, there’s always ice skating or skiing. After a day on the hill, warm up with a hot chocolate!

sledding experience gift

Building Project + Measuring Tape

Building something together is a great way to connect and create pride in a job well done. Some fun ideas for building projects you can do with kids: birdhouse, toolbox, balance board, butterfly house, LEGO figure display case.

Home Depot Workshop – On the 1st Saturday of the month, Home Depot offers free kids workshops. Kids get to keep their craft, receive a FREE certificate of achievement, a workshop apron, and a commemorative pin while supplies last.

birdhouse project

Craft Project + Art Materials

Making art together is a wonderful experience gift idea. Not only will you have fun doing an activity together, but you will create something that your child can keep to remember the special day. Nothing says I love you like bringing out the glitter and the glue!

Some fun ideas for craft projects to do together:

  • Paint a picture frame
  • Use clay to make a bowl or pinch pot
  • Paint on canvas
  • String art
painting picture

Take Pictures + Make a Scrapbook

Grab a camera or phone and capture your day in photographs. Take a trip to the city and look for cool architecture and unique sites, or put on your hiking shoes and take some snapshots of nature. Afterward, make a cute scrapbook to commemorate your fun adventure.

scrapbook gift

Museum Day

For this experience gift, plan a trip to a museum. If you want to include a little gift to go along with the museum theme, wrap a cool rock or fossil or a book that matches the museum’s theme so they can learn more after their visit.

experience gift to museum

Pumpkin Farm + Carving Kit

If your child has an autumn birthday, celebrate with a trip to the pumpkin farm. Make a day of bumpy wagon rides and hot apple cider and running through the field to find the biggest pumpkin to carve.

pumpkin patch

You & Me Day Tickets

Without a doubt, the best part of experience gifts is the opportunity to spend time together and create memories. Add to the fun of experience gift-giving with these printable experience gift tickets. You and Me Day tickets are fun and flexible. Gift all of the tickets at once and let your child redeem one each month or let your child open one each month to reveal the special day that you will enjoy together. Click here to learn more!

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