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End Sibling Battles with the 30 Day Sibling Challenge

Are your kids constantly fighting? Arguing and sibling rivalry is a common household problem, especially at a time when they are forced to spend more time together than ever before. If your kids constant bickering and tattling is driving you crazy, it’s time to try the 30 Day Sibling Challenge!

The 30 Day Sibling Challenge is a way for your kids to reconnect, work together as a team, and have fun!

Each day your kids will pick one of the challenges from the chart to do together. At the end of the 30 Day Sibling Challenge, your family can celebrate this awesome accomplishment with something special – ice cream sundaes, family movie night, a new board game.

This is an opportunity for your kids to make decisions, so let them take the lead and decide what activity to do as they plan and collaborate. These activities focus on creating a connection, fostering independence, creativity, and generosity as well as developing problem-solving skills.

The 30 Day Sibling Challenge

1. Play a game
30 day sibling challenge play a game

This is a fun list of old-school games for kids to play. This list of classic outdoor games from Fatherly are a must for the warmer weather months.

2. Draw a picture for each other

Children learn a lot from one another. Drawing together allows older siblings to teach younger siblings as well as inspiring each other in their creative pursuits.

3. Make a snack together

Whether it is a simple trail mix or working together to follow an easy recipe, let the kids decide what culinary specialty they will create.

30 day sibling challenge make a snack
4. Build a fort

Something special happens when kids create their own space to play.

5. Challenge your parents to a race

Kids love racing parents (especially if they will be the victors)

30 day sibling challenge family race
6. Have a sleepover

As my kids get older, we have a sleepover night every few weeks. They plan what to bring and where to sleep. I love peeking in and see them cuddled together reading and giggling.

7. Read a book together
read a book together
8. Play the floor is lava

Give them pillows and furniture and watch as they save each other from the dangerous lava that surrounds them.

9. Build a castle with blocks

Sometimes it’s hard for kids to work together to build something. This is a great way for them to learn to listen to another person’s thoughts and decide how to work together to achieve a goal.

sibling challenge blocks
10. Prepare a family picnic

Kids love planning something special for the family to enjoy together. Older kids can pack the snacks and make the sandwiches. Younger kids can decide what they want to eat and work together to pack the picnic basket and set everything out for the picnic.

11. Sing silly songs together

Here’s a great list of silly songs for kids to sing together!

12. Look at baby pictures together

Looking at baby pictures together and talking about when they were little is a great way for kids to connect.

13. Go on a nature treasure hunt

I love this free printable nature scavenger hunt from Empathy Encompassed.

nature treasure hunt
14. Work on a puzzle together
15. Do something nice for your parents

This is an opportunity for your kids to practice thoughtfulness and generosity while using teamwork. If you’re looking for more ways to teach your kids to live generously, head over to my post Raising Kind and Generous Children – Simple Ways Kids Can Give Back.

16. Play Would Your Rather

Would you rather is a fun game that kids can play anywhere. The object of the game is to come up with two scenarios and choose which one you would rather do if you had to make a choice. The questions can be silly or serious, but the point is to get the kids talking and learning more about each other.

17. Create art and have an art show

Let your children go crazy with the art supplies and then display them in a hallway for everyone to admire. They could even dress up and make and serve hors d’oeuvres.

18. Try to make each other laugh

Silly faces, fart jokes, a goofy dance…anything to make the other person laugh.

19. Draw a huge picture together

Bust out the butcher paper and art supplies and let the kids create a mural.

20. Perform a play for your parents

Your kids can create their own play to perform or grab one of these simple skit books from Amazon. These books are great boredom busters for kids and reader’s theatre is a wonderful opportunity to enhance reading fluency and comprehension!

21. Kids against parents game night

Kids love playing games. For the next family game night, have the kids team up together against the parents. This online Pictionary word generator is a great activity or give one of these team games a try:

22. Create an obstacle course

Outside or inside, planning an obstacle course is the perfect way to get kids moving.

23. Play the mirror game

Kids take turns doing different actions and the other person must copy.

24. Have a pretend birthday party

Who doesn’t love a birthday party? Kids can make invitations for friends (stuffed animals, dolls or mom and dad), make decorations, and plan the snacks and activities. Let them bake a cake or make a pretend cake with a box and art supplies.

25. Have a dance party
26. Do a chore together

When kids tackle a job together, they learn the importance of teamwork.

27. Make a LEGO city
28. Surprise your parents with something special
29. Camp inside or outside.

Build a fort or pop up a tent for a camping adventure.

30. Draw portraits of each other

I love this activity! Each child draws a portrait of his/her sibling. The finished masterpiece is something that you will definitely want to display in a frame!

Click HERE to print your copy of the 30 Day Sibling Challenge

30 day sibling challenge

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