Tempeh Sandwich

The Best Vegetarian BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Finding a plant-based sandwich that satisfies that primal urge to dig into an overstuffed sandwich that makes you lick your fingers as barbeque sauce drips down your chin can be hard. Vegetarians and vegans deserve a seat at the picnic table. This BBQ Tempeh Sandwich is dripping with gooey bbq sauce tangy from coleslaw.

What is Tempeh?

Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans that are pressed together to form a firm patty. You can find tempeh in the refrigerated section of your grocery store by the tofu and plant-based products.

Benefits of Tempeh

  • Unlike the isolated soy protein found in many faux meat products, tempeh has not been stripped of its beneficial nutrients
  • Tempeh is a great source of many vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, iron, magnesium and calcium
  • Tempeh has all 9 amino acids
  • 3 ounces of tempeh has 15 grams of protein
  • Tempeh is a good source of prebiotics which promote the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system 
  • Because the fermentation breaks down the phytic acid in the soybeans, tempeh is easier to digest

Tips on Cooking Tempeh

  • Tempeh can have a bitter flavor so I suggest steaming or simmering tempeh to help remove any bitterness. Bring a pot of water up to boiling, place tempeh in the pot and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  • Marinate for at least 30 minutes so the tempeh has time to absorb the flavor.

Don’t skip the coleslaw when you make your BBQ tempeh sandwich. The creaminess from the coleslaw combines perfectly with the barbecue sauce for an awesome finger-licking good vegan sandwich.

This Memphis Style Cole Slaw recipe is my go-to coleslaw recipe for this BBQ tempeh sandwich. To make it vegan, swap traditional mayonnaise for vegan mayo.

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