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Ancient Egypt – Learning Activities For Kids

Ancient Egypt is fascinating, so when my kids said they wanted to learn about mummies I was thrilled. The girls had a great time doing these Ancient Egypt learning activities. We spent the afternoon learning about mummies, creating secret messages in hieroglyphics, making a 3-D pyramid and creating our own mummies!

The best part about these Ancient Egypt activities is that they are easy to prepare, interesting and will keep your kids engaged.

This NatGeo Video is a great place to start. Two girls travel to Egypt to visit a museum to see mummies and the famous artifacts of King Tut. After the trip to the museum, they learn how a mummy is made.

My girls are very interested in how the mummification process works. This Mummification Process Video is short but has a lot of interesting facts. Be sure to watch it before you create your own mummy!

Writing in Hieroglyphics

hieroglyphics for kids

For this activity, you will have to print off this hieroglyphic alphabet. Then your child will write his/her name on “papyrus”. After that, create a secret message for someone to solve. To make your papyrus writing paper, simply cut apart an old paper bag and crumple it up!

Additional facts about hieroglyphics for curious learners.

hieroglyphic Activity

The Pyramids of Egypt

It’s no wonder that Egyptian Pyramids are considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. Check out pyramid facts for kids or this short video to learn more amazing facts about the pyramids.

Create a 3-dimensional pyramid – have your child color and cut out this pyramid. Then write an interesting fact about ancient Egypt on each triangle.

Making Mummies

After watching the video about how mummies are made, it’s time to make your own mummy! Make sure to add an amulet in the mummy’s wrapping to protect it on its journey through the underworld.

making mummy activity

Mummy Project Materials

  • round clothespins
  • paper towel torn into 3-inch strips
  • Elmer’s Glue mixed with a little water
  • paintbrush
  • a small bead or gem
make mummy materials

Mummy Project Instructions

  • Cover the clothespin with glue
  • Wrap your clothespin with strips of paper towels
  • Choose a small bead or gem for the mummy’s amulet
  • Place the gem on the mummy’s’ chest
  • Continue to wrap and glue paper towels around the mummy until the gem is secured and the mummy is completely wrapped.

*If you have an old necklace box, you can create a sarcophagus for your mummy.

mummy craft
how to make a mummy
making a mummy

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