Ancient China

Ancient China – Fascinating Facts and Fun Learning Activities

Ancient China was one of the oldest civilizations with a long history of powerful dynasties, strong armies, great inventors and beautiful art. Take a trip back in time and learn about this fascinating ancient culture.

Inventions From Ancient China

There are many surprising inventions that were created in Ancient China.

The invention of kites, silk, gun powder, the toothbrush, umbrellas, paper money, moveable type printing, paper, and the compass were all invented in Ancient China. Check out this list of all of the inventions from Ancient China that we still use today.

Learn about Papermaking

The art of papermaking began in Ancient China. Watch the two videos below. Then, compare and contrast how paper was made in Ancient China with today’s modern paper manufacturing.

Ancient Chinese way of making paper

Modern paper manufacturing

Create Your Own Paper

Ancient China is where paper pulp was created. Make your own paper with this fun activity.

The Great Wall of China

Learn more about the amazing Great Wall of China, then create your own Great Wall of China using blocks or Legos.

Virtual Field Trip – Great Wall of China

Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army was created over 2000 years ago by Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. 700,000 laborers, worked to build his underground tomb to house the 8000 warriors, 670 horses, 130 chariots that Qin Shi Huang believed would protect him in his afterlife.

Learn more about the Terracotta Army, then create your own Terracotta Warrior with air dry clay.

clay warrior
clay terracotta warrior
terracotta warrior sculpture

Read Aloud – The Empty Pot

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is one of the earliest sports which uniquely combines exercise and self-discipline. By practicing Kung Fu, you not only exercise your body but also train your spirit at the same time. Check out the Shaolin Kung Fu below and learn some basic techniques: 


Chopsticks were created in 1200 B.C but did not become a utensil for eating until A.D. 400. As the population grew in China, they had to develop cost-saving habits. Food was cut into smaller pieces that required less cooking fuel which was a perfect size for eating with chopsticks.

Fine Motor Chopstick Activity – Use chopsticks to pick up objects and transfer them to a bowl or your mouth!

Fine motor activity

Make your own training chopstick or purchase a fun set of chopsticks from Amazon

Chopstick Helpers
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